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Why Choose A Print Broker?

Quotes from three different printers can differ
as much as 15 - 35%. Do you have the time or
resources to call each one to find the best price
to fulfill your print needs? What assurance do
you have that the quality will meet your 
expectations? At PDI, we know the top players
in the industry and most importantly, the
specialty they provide. PDI will walk your project
through the process from conception to
completion, ensuring a quality printed piece at
the right price.

How Do We Do It?

Many of our clients are initially surprised by
our discount price structure. Our network
of vendors is broken out into areas of expertise,
allowing us to match your project with a
printer that specializes in that style of print.
Combining low prices with specialized
printing means that your project will be
completed at the lowest possible price while
maintaining the highest quality available in
the trade.

PDI Goes To Work For You!

We recognize that we are printing your job,
not ours. Our entire mission is to go to work
for you. We know that you have certain
expectations which absolutely can not be
compromised. At every step along the way,
PDI is there to guide your project to a successful
delivery. PDI goes to work for you to make sure
that those expectations are not only fulfilled,
but exceeded.

PDI... Experience the Difference!


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