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PDI offers print solutions 
that are customized to your
specific requirements.
Whether you are seeking a
source for outstanding creative
development and graphic design,
or if you are simply looking for
a provider of high caliber
printing at wholesale prices,
PDI will exceed your expectations.
By leveraging current technologies
to their fullest, PDI provides
the tools our clients need to
streamline operations and
realize overall budget reduction.
In fact, PDI can provide full scale
integration of your website to
include automated print procurement,
enabling you to view your product
and order online. With our 250
linescreen capability on a Creo
Closed Loop Color Management System,
PDI is able to utilize the latest
tools in spectrophotometry to
provide a far superior product.
Here are a few scenarios to consider.

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The Leaders in Premiere Printing Services for the Pacific Northwest
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